So, here is one reason why I love Ravelry (in addition to the other 100 reasons why I love it!). People have their stash listed on there, and they also list yarn that they want to sell or trade. Hallelluyah! I can't tell how many different brands of yarn that I am coveting and drooling over like a hyperactive dog! Ahem! Back to the point. People on Ravelry are so nice, and they send the yarn almost immediately you pay them through PayPal. (I'm going to have to start asking people to pay me through Google Checkout...you know, supporting the hubby and all.)

Anyway, I am STILL digressing.

Here's the point: I finally took the plunge and sort of bribed my little sister to take pictures of my yarn stash so I could list them. Now I have a buyer for this gorgeous lace yarn that I have, but can't quite figure what to do with. Isn't that nice!! :) So, as a treat to myself and you all (muahahahahhahah), here are some yarn pictures...for the road (as we'd say in Ghana). Enjoy!