The big multi-colored mess

Now I know the name of this blog doesn't sound promising, and I must tell you that the beginning of this scarf was less than auspicious. 

I started out knitting a totally different scarf, but my hubby and my sister both pointed out that the yarn colors looked washed out, even though they were the blue and green shades Seyram wanted. I didn't know what to do now.

Then I remembered that I had some old Malabrigo worsted weight in lettuce (I love that yarn, and especially in that color! And don't get me started on the Malabrigo Silky Merino!! To die for!) So anyway, I picked the two yarns up, and decided on the Multidirectional Scarf by Karen Baumer. It's also on Ravelry if you want to queue it for your next project.

I started out slowly, and the yarn seemed a little resistant. But I kept going because I didn't want to undo another project. The Crystal Palace Merino Stripes yarn is nice, but it's really trying to frog and re-wind for another project. I finally finished the scarf in late December and after blocking, it came to over 7 feet long and about 8inches wide. I asked Seyram to send me some pictures of her wearing the scarf and I am quite pleased to say that it looks warm and thick. I hope she likes it though. :)