For my son, Andrew

I know a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting pictures of my son. Here is a posting about things I knitted for him, with pictures included. :)

I made a bargain with Andrew before he was born, that he would allow me to finish his baby blanket before he popped out. However, my beautiful little one decided he was tired of being in the womb and came out 4 days before he was due. The funny part of this is that when my water broke, I was actually working on his blanket. Needless to say, the blanket was put aside for quite a while.

After he was born, we realized that all the hats we had for him were either too big or too small, so I decided to knit a hat for him. My hat also turned out a little on the big side, but I made it so he has to wear it. LOL!

We had a pseudo-outdooring ceremony for him two weeks after he was born, and my sister-in-law Yinka took some lovely pictures of him wearing the hat I knit him. The pattern I used is Simple Baby Hat by Alison Williams. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and this quick introduction to my son, Andrew. :)