Wham Bam Thank you Ma'am

This a quickie blog post, because I do not want to leave any of you lovely people hanging for more than a week. So here is the weekly update from NiseyKnits Studios!! Yay!
I've been super busy finishing up on some secret projects, and also starting some other fun projects. First up is one of the giveaway shawls, the Snow Drops and Snap Peas for Anjali. She wanted the shawl in the exact color as the one from the pattern, so I got the yarn from Quince & Co, and got to work. Below is a picture of my work in progress (WIP). I'm on the second repeat of the pattern. The pattern is very intuitive and easy to follow, so I'm always excited when I pick up this project. I can't wait to be done with it and take some beautiful photos of it.

Snow Drops and Snap Peas by Kirsten Kapur

Next up is ANOTHER grey wisp shawl, in KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud, for one of my colleagues at work. She loved the one I made for Marienell so much that she asked me to knit one for her. As the Wisp pattern is one of my favorites, I definitely said yes. It's my "travelling" project i.e. I take it everywhere with me so I can sneak in a few rows while waiting for one thing or another.

I just received more yarn packages containing yarn for the other giveaway shawls. Below is the KnitPicks Palette shipment. This first one here has three colorways that I'll use to make the Moody Kerchief for Veronica. I'll mix the yarns so they give me the same color effects as seen in the Sunset Multidirectional Scarf.

Sunset Multidirectional Scarf
Moody Kerchief by Kirsten Kapur

These lovely green Palette yarns, also from KnitPicks, are for Megan's Roma Shawl. I am quite excited to start this project as I think the combination of these two shades of green in that particular pattern will be just stunning.

Roma Shawl by Kirsten Kapur

Now the next two pictures are yarns for a project that I haven't solidified yet. I'm thinking of a super easy scarf or shawl that shows some color migration as it goes along. Once I figure it out, I'll let you all know. The last three are for some cowls I'm hoping to make and put up in my Etsy shop, just in time for winter! In the meantime, enjoy the pictures of these yarns. They are just too beautiful.

Have a wonderful rest of the week, and see you next week for some Malabrigo love!

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