The Drop It Like It's Hot (DILIH) Wrap

I loved this pattern by Alexandra Tinsley ( the first time she put it up for sale on Ravelry. The patter is called Dilih, for Drop It Like It's Hot, so named for the two dropped stitch sections in the wrap. The beauty of this pattern lies in it's simplicity. Apart from a few stitches knitted through the back loop, it's straight knitting in the round, making a lovely stockinette stitch garment. The wrap can also be worn as a cowl twisted around the neck, or even with a brooch like a conventional scarf. You can also wear it stretched around your shoulders, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.

I knit my version of this wrap in Malabrigo Chunky, using the Cadmium colorway. This yarn is so soft and sproingy (that is a real word. Ask any knitter!). It doesn't get split easily by the needles, and it just moves so smoothly over your fingers that you are barely aware of how many stitches you are knitting. I loved knitting with this yarn! And the color! That yellow is vivid and saturated. I didn't know you could dye yarn with such depth. And because the yarn is not dyed evenly, there are subtle shades of yellow running through the yarn. It's just gorgeous!

This wrap is currently available for sale in my etsy shop. I have plans to knit two more DILIHs, one in green and the other in pink. What other colors would YOU like to see DILIH in?