1st Finished Giveaway Shawl - Sunset Moody Kerchief

This shawl was a joy to knit, and so quick to finish too. It's the Moody Kerchief pattern by Kirsten Kapur, and the finished shawl is for Veronica. Veronica wanted the shawl colors to mirror those of the Sunset Multidirectional Scarf (see picture below).

To do this, I used KnitPicks Palette yarn in Sweet Potato, Orange and Serrano colorways.

I held the yarns doubled, and mixed the colors as I went along to give a gradual color change effect. Here's how I worked it:
1st section : Sweet Potato Colorway
2nd section: Sweet potato and orange colorways
3rd section: Orange colorway
4th section: Orange and Serrano colorways
5th section (Border) : Serrano colorway

What can I say about the pattern? Easy, quick and addictive. I finished this shawl in just over a week, and took the pictures this past Sunday. I'm as usual very grateful to my lovely, gorgeous model, Zeina Newman. :) As for the finished product, I loved it so much I felt a wee bit jealous that Veronica gets to have the shawl. I just might knit one for myself.

Veronica, please send me your mailing address at niseyknits@gmail.com, so I can mail this little bundle of gorgeousness to you. I hope it keeps you warm during this coming fall and winter seasons.