The Pompom Chronicles Part 1

Today's is a long post, so please bear with me. The year is hurtling towards it's end, and I'm knitting as fast as I can to make it to the end of the year with a lot of finished items. Even more importantly, I'm hoping to have my Etsy shop stocked with as many items as possible so people can get lovely handmade gifts for their friends and family during this holiday season. In the past few weeks, I've been bitten by the pompom bug. I'm not sure I've ever made pompoms in my knitting life before now. However since I started, I can't seem to stop.

It all started with the Last Hurrah Scarf. This pattern is easy to remember, and the finished item is so soft and squishy that I can't help squeezing it over and over again. I however get a little bored if I have to the same thing over and over again, so to add a bit more spice to my knitting, I decided to use two colors of yarn to knit this scarf. Halfway through the scarf, I decided that pompoms would add the right touch of whimsy to the scarf, so I went online to learn how to make pompoms.

I cut out 4 pompom sets from cardboard boxes before I finally got the size I liked. By the way, POMPOMS EAT YARN! Whoa! The yarn just seemed to disappear inside the pompoms. I wasn't deterred though. I made pompoms for my first scarf, which I called The Purple Mambo Hurrah, seen in the picture below. It is knit in Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Fig and Eggplant colorways.

I convinced my friend Josie to model this scarf in an impromptu photo shoot for me, and she also loved it so much that I thought it would be worth exploring the scarf in different color combinations. I'll share the results of this exploration in a 3-part series, with this post being the first one.

The Pink on Pink Hurrah (seen below) is the next scarf I made using the fisherman's rib pattern and Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in the Blossom and Raspberry colorways. The scarf is lovely, and so is the model, my patient, long-suffering Zeina Newman.

Both scarves are available for sale in my Etsy shop. I'll blog about the next two scarves in bonus post on Thursday.  Till then, enjoy the rest of your day and see you soon! :)