A little bit of selfish knitting?

I am singing with the Christmas Choir at my church this holiday season, and the colors we will be wearing are black and white with some gold or silver accent. As the knitting gods would have it, I had just attended the Interweave Knitting Lab held in San Mateo from Nov. 3rd to the 6th, and had just snagged 2 balls of Lana Grossa Lace Lux Yarn in Bronze Colorway from the Jimmy Beans Wool booth.

I promise you that I had no knowledge of the color choices until AFTER I had bought the yarn. I got the yarn on Saturday and the first choir rehearsal was Sunday. I realized that the knitting powers that be had decided that I should FINALLY knit something for myself, so I set off to look for the best pattern to showcase this beautiful yarn.

My search for the pattern that would work well with this yarn brought me to Xenia by Vanessa Smith. I have purchased one other pattern by this designer and although I haven't knit it yet, I am in awe of the stunning detail and simple twists she adds to her designs. Xenia took my breath away the moment I saw it.

And she gave instructions for working it in two colors too. Ah, knitting heaven! I can almost see myself in this shawl already!

In order to have this ready by Dec 17th/18th when the choir sings, I need to cast on now, so I can knit it between the 100 projects I'm trying to get done before the year ends.
Do y'all have any other suggestions for a lovely, quick shawl that requires between 339 and 678 yds of laceweight yarn?