Wool People Vol. 2

My son and I are taking turns being sick, which means I've not been able to finish any projects that in the past two weeks. Instead, I'm going to share with you three patterns that caught my eye from Wool People Vol. 2, the newest pattern collection from Brooklyn Tweed, using Shelter yarn by Jared Flood. I must confess that I still haven't made the patterns that I loved from Wool People Vol. 1, and I'm hoping that one of these, one of these days I tell you, I'll have enough time to actually knit something for myself. LOL!

The first pattern that caught my eye is the Elfreide Scarf by Lucy Sweetland, because I have a friend called Elfriede. The second reason is that the scarf was in green. And, it has cables. Lots and lots of cables. The scarf is an architectural work of art, and I found my fingers itching to cast on for this one. I think the rustic looking nature of the Shelter yarn also adds to the beauty of this pattern. It would look beautiful in red/burgundy, as well as in an oatmeal/off-white color.

The second pattern was this delicious looking blue short-sleeved sweater called Lawrence, by Melissa LaBarre. I think sometimes the color choice for a pattern actually MAKES the pattern. This blue vest looked so stately but simple that I wished it was already knit and hanging in my wardrobe. Plus, I don't have a lot of blue clothing items so this would work pretty well. All jokes aside though, the construction of this vest makes me happy, as someone who doesn't like too much fussy detail. The simple garter stitch knit, accented by a large lace panel and topped off with that awesome cowl neck, made me go "Wheeeeeeeee". Such a great piece.

Finally, Fuse by Veronik Avery, a drape front cardigan that is just the style I've been dreaming off. The fronts of the cardigan are wide and swingy enough that you can drape one side across your neck as a makeshift scarf. How beautiful and functional! And the allover lace pattern means you won't get bored on this one. This is one cardigan that I think I would actually wear...if I ever got around to knitting it!

As usual, these drool-worthy pictures are courtesy of Jared Flood. Now if only I could knit/design/take photos as well as this man does.....

Anyway, see you all next week. Hopefully we'll be all better from this bout of sickness, and I'll have some lovely finished projects to share with you all. Have a great rest of the week!