Ode to the Scrunchable Scarf

If someone were to ask me, right now, what my favorite pattern is, I would say it's the Scrunchable Scarf by Susan McConne, hands down. I mean, I've knit enough scarves with this pattern that I have it memorized. Ok I'll tell the truth -  the pattern is so easy that even a new knitter will have it memorized within 10 minutes. But the finished product is so beautiful that you wouldn't believe the pattern is just 3 stitches long. Yes, 3 stitches long. If you clicked through on the pattern name to get to the pattern, you'll find that the pattern was put up in 1996. That was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before Ravelry was even born. I don't know who listed the pattern on Ravelry, but it has 3558 projects linked to it. And I made 7 of them. :)

The most recent one was a gift for our former roomie Geoffrey, who just moved further North to be his wife. Now we all know how cold it can get up North over there, so I offered to finally make him a scarf. (Just as an aside, if you are one of my loved ones, it's going to take you FOREVER to get anything knitted by me. I seem to always assume that my loved ones will always be around so I can knit for them whenever. Terrible of me I know. I'm going to change that soon...as I sit on a year-old winter scarf WIP for my dad. Back to the lovely Scrunchables). Geoffrey wanted a thick scarf that was Grayish Blue. The denim colorway from Lion Brand's Wool-Ease Thick & Quick was just perfect for the project, so I cast on for the scarf 3 days before his departure. The scarf is so beautiful and squishy, and photographed so well that I just had to share the pictures.

Seeing this scrunchable scarf made me want to take a quick trip down memory lane of all the Scrunchable scarves I've made, so here we go, in no particular order. They are all so beautiful in my humble opinion!
PS: I wish I could set them to music so it's like a little slideshow of the scarves. I know, I know, too much. Also, I didn't include the Granite Scrunchable because I don't have any pictures of that scarf. I had to mail it right after I finished knitting and blocking it. Enjoy the pictures!

I hope you liked my little photo trip down memory lane. Take a stab at knitting a Scrunchable Scarf of your own. See you next week!!