Almost there....

The craft fair is two days away... and I'm still knitting. I set Wednesday night as my knitting deadline, but I completely ignored it and have just kept on knitting. "Just one more item", I keep saying to myself. Hmm...I need help.

A lot of the items I ordered to go with my items, such as hang tags, stickers and business cards have all arrived, and they look lovely. I purchased a design package from Jennifer Fankhauser of studio71design, and I am so thankful to her for all her hard work, and for putting up with my numerous re-design requests. I think I was a pain in the behind for her a few weeks ago, right before I placed the orders for the marketing materials. Check out her etsy shop and her design portfolio to see the amazing work she does.

I used for the business cards because their cards are just amazing quality, and the ability to put pictures at the back of each card is an awesome marketing perk.

And there was a surprise in the package!! They added a nifty little business card holder (you can see it in the background) to my order. So sweet, right?

I used, a company based in California, to print my hangtags and stickers. I wanted to make sure that I received them in the middle of this week, and they delivered! In fact, I received the hangtags this past Saturday, when I placed my order only on Wednesday. Fast printing, and the quality isn't bad at all! I put the care instructions for my items on the back of the hangtags, so my clients will know how to care for their precious knitted items.

And here are the stickers.

I have to say that now that all these items have arrived, and the date is almost here, I'm kind of excited. I'll let you know how it goes, and give you more detailed info on my craft fair prep and setup after the fair is over. Wish me luck, and have a wonderful rest of the week!!