My Wishlist Queue for Knitscene Accessories 2012

You all know that I'm psyched, over the moon, and thrilled silly to be in this inaugural issue of Knitscene Accessories. I thought I'd share with you some of the patterns that made me want to pick up my needles and pull a knitting all-nighter (in addition to mine that is, hehehe). However, just like with clothing and accessories you would see in a store, you might think something is gorgeous but it might not be your style. So this list is not meant to offend or belittle any design that's not mentioned here. I seriously LOVE all of them, but I know I won't be able to ever knit them all. Or will I? (maybe a challenge to knit all the accessories in this magazine might be fun!)

Here goes.

I've been on a recent fingerless mitts binge so that the Reservoir Mitts by Allyson Dykhuizen caught my eye at first glance. I was immediately drawn to the interplay of pink and brown in an entrelac dance and thought "I want a pair in those same exact colors!"

Reservoir Mitts by Allyson Dykhuizen. Picture courtsey of Knitscene Accessories 2012

Next is the Aristida Shawl by Alexandra Beck. The pattern looks simple enough, but the way the diamonds and eyelets are arranged keeps bringing me back. And personally, I think the fringe is the icing on the cake. Also the grey color of the yarn used gives it an elegant, rustic feel compared to most shawls which have a more delicate, ethereal feel. I really, really, really hope I can make time to knit this shawl.

Aristida Shawl by Alexandra Beck. Picture courtesy of Knitscene Accessories 2012.

I was both excited and sad when I first saw the Sea Legs Scarf by Allison Haas. "Why sad?" you ask. Because I had had a similar idea to make a traveling cables scarf. However, I'm still pretty young at knitting and designing and didn't have the chops to get the design out of my head onto paper and yarn. However Allison's version is soooooooooooooo much better than what I even imagined, and I'm so glad she got to it first. It's a unisex scarf so it will be a great last minute gift for a loved one. I also love that it's loooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggg! 92 inches long! Yes! And the traveling cables? Absolutely SEXY!(Yes, I'm currently into cables. I DIG cables.)

Sea Legs Scarf by Allison Haas. Picture Courtesy of Knitscene Accessories 2012. 

Another one I would like to try is the Orbs Cowl by Robin Ulrich, mainly because the way the model posed with it is very cool! No, that's not the reason. Sorry! :) I've actually wanted to learn how to knit welts and this cowl looks pretty awesome with all the welts moving up and down in that hypnotic chevron wave. And it looks like a quick project, which makes me even happier.

Orbs Cowl by Robin Ulrich. Picture courtesy of Knitscene Accessories 2012. 

Talking about quick projects, the Inishbofin Cowl by Heidi Todd Kozar keeps drawing my attention each time I flip through the magazine. As I said earlier, I currently dig cables, and this little cowl is awash with cables. Happiness! It's beautiful, simple, and looks to be quick. Watch out now, I might ACTUALLY cast on for this one.

Inishbofin Cowl by Heidi Todd Kozar. Picture courtesy of Knitscene Accessories 2012.

Now these last two are for when I finally master my fear of colorwork. The Wellington Mitts by Rebecca Blair is the cover pattern, and is beautiful. Pink and grey together make a striking combination, and those zigzag stripes aren't playing around either. This pattern is so cute and just right for a hip young adult who wants to look cute but also wants to stay warm during the fall and winter (Right? I know a couple of those). 
Wellington Mitts by Rebecca Blair. Picture courtesy of Knitscene Accessories 2012.

The Equilibrium Cowl is one of those patterns that show me that I still have a long way to go. I couldn't figure out how Carolyn Kern got those two different patterns on both sides of the cowl while knitting in the round. I'll have to take a look at the pattern. This cowl is just stunning, and I will be very proud of myself if I ever make it.

Equilibrium Cowl by Carolyn Kern. Picture courtesy of Knitscene Accessories 2012.

There are so many lovely designs in this magazine. If you haven't bought your copy yet, what are you waiting for? :) Hehehhe...just saying, buy a copy and help a sister out. Knit my designs and all the others in there. In fact, since the magazine is all accessories, what say you to a challenge to knit all or most of the patterns? I'm up for it if you are! Let me know, and enjoy the rest of your week!