Every Guest is an Angel in Disguise

One of our very close friends and former roommate is visiting for a couple of weeks and staying with us. The only room we have is my unofficial craft studio, which meant that I had to do a bit of spring cleaning. But that was a blessing in disguise because it gave me the chance to reorganize and make more space in the room.

As usual, I made a mountain out of a molehill with this project, or as the hubster would say , "you make a big project out of a small task." My initial idea was to sort all my yarn by weight and then by color, photograph each one, and record it in an inventory spreadsheet.

The first step in this "awesome" plan was to sort the yarn out. We have a lot of Pampers boxes lying around the house so those became sorting boxes for my yarn lovelies.

I labeled the boxes with the yarn weights and got to sorting, carefully unloading them from the bookcases where they've been residing for the past year.

The whole room was in flux. I moved some smaller bookcases around, and wondered what to do with this little black table that had been hanging around in the study for a while. It became a waiting station during the changes, holding yarn, needles, letters and a needle case. It looked like this during the process.

All of this first stage took place on Friday. Saturday was busy with a potluck and visitors dropping by the house in rapid succession. I didn't get to the room again till Sunday morning. Our friend was arriving Monday. I had to work some magic. I'm pleased to say that I got a magic wand, or a magic burst of energy and inspiration to finish clearing/rearranging the room! :)

ALL of my knitting supplies and accoutrements fit in that little corner of the study after I was done! Isn't that awesome? And see that little table? I put my plastic drawer set on top, and hid my WIPs in a Pampers box that fit neatly underneath it. More WIPs are in that wooden basket on top. I even labeled boxes that held business cards, stickers etc (those pesky little things you can never find when you actually need them), and labeled the drawers that held them so I wouldn't forget where anything was.

I organized my little button collection into cute solid food jars from when my son was an infant, and put my safety pins and quilting pins (for blocking) into little square containers I got at Rite Aid for 4 for $1.

And the other side of the room? Bare! With lots of space. Even my friend was surprised when he walked in on Monday night, as he knew what it looked like previously. All in all, I think it was mostly successful.

Unfortunately, my inventory-recording and photo-taking session didn't come to pass. But not to worry. I hear I have a few days off coming soon, so there will definitely be a yarn photo session. Have a great week!!