One Sunehri for me, please!!

First, let me apologize for missing last week's post. I got a long needed vacation and the week just flew by before I knew what was happening. I hope you all enjoyed your July 4th festivities, and are ready for the second half of 2012. Crazy right? Second half ALREADY.

Anyway, today, I'm here to let you know that I finally knitted something for myself!! Yay!! I don't know how long it's been since I made something for myself. I started the Xenia shawl by Vanessa Smith, but it's lying in the WIP basket because I got swamped with design submissions in the past three months. Once the Knitscene Accessories 2012 magazine came out and I saw my Sunehri Shawl in all it's glory, I decided to knit one for myself!

I originally designed this shawl in Malabrigo Worsted Merino, in the Cadmium colorway. I had just a little less than one skein left at home, so I decided to use it up in a shawl for myself. Now if you haven't tried my pattern, let me talk it up a little. It's super simple. Very, very simple. After the two set up rows, you basically repeat the same two rows over and over again until you've knit 32 reps, then you knit the edging, which is just another version of the two rows you just worked ad nauseum. I started knitting at church a couple of weeks ago, and was 25 reps in within two days of knitting (not two full days of knitting, mind you! LOL!).

I finally got the chance to block and photograph this past week at home, and thought I'd share it with you. My shawl is smaller than the original as I didn't have enough yarn to make the size stipulated in the pattern. It's still very pretty and I can't wait to wear it! :) Plus, isn't that Cadmium color just beautiful to look at? And Malabrigo, what can I say about Malabrigo? Definitely one of my top yarns to knit with.

 Enjoy and see you (online) next week!