A "seonmul" long in the making

"Seonmul" is the Korean word for "gift". The scarf in this week's post is a gift for my dad. I started this scarf in February 2011 but I quickly lost interest in it, mainly because it was all black and I wanted to knit with color. Fast forward to June 2011 when my parents came to visit us. I pulled out the scarf again and quickly started knitting, hoping to be done before they left so they could take it with them. That also did not happen.

The scarf went back to the WIP abyss until last month, when I felt so bad that I had let this scarf slide for almost a year and a half. With gritted teeth, I wallowed through the last half of the scarf with the help of many Korean drama episodes (which is why I know the word for gift in the Korean language) and finally finished it! Whew! Oh, but the story is not over. I soaked the scarf and got ready to block...and left the scarf in a bucket for about 5 days. Not good!  I finally blocked it and let it lie around for two more weeks before I got around to photographing it this past Sunday. I think it's safe to say that this scarf and I were just not meant to get along.

The pattern is the Reversible Cabled Scarf by Kris Hanson. This is one of those patterns that I really wanted to knit, but I had no reason to knit it. I was ecstatic at the opportunity to make one for my dad, until he said he wanted a black scarf. Knitting in black is not fun, I can tell you right now. The yarn I used made up a bit for the color though - Dream in Color Classy in the Black Pearl colorway. The yarn was soft and smooshy, making the resulting scarf with all the ribbing and cabling so squishy! I hope my dad loves it, because I won't be making another black scarf for him. He'll have to wear a colored scarf next time. :)
Have a great week everyone, and see you next week! I'll hopefully have some ultra exciting news for you all!